Inspirational Women – Madam C.J. Walker

Many of you may know that I am a big fan of Madam C.J. Walker. I was so excited to be able to visit the Madam C.J. Walker Theater Center in Indianapolis last year!
In front of the C.J. Walker Building

In front of the C.J. Walker Building

Born in 1867, Madam C.J. Walker became America’s first female, self-made millionaire, and she is one of my major inspirations. Not only was she an African-American woman who made her way to the top of the business world at a time when this should have been virtually impossible, but she built her empire around a desire to help women care for their hair.
CJ Walker stamp
Having struggled with hair loss, she decided to create her own haircare products that were safe and nourishing.
CJ Walker poster_2014
Madam Walker didn’t just want to help women with their hair, however; she started teaching classes to help women become independent and form their own businesses. She also stressed the importance of philanthropy and made many large donations to charity.
CJ Walker stamp_2014

She is such an inspiration to me and I hope to help and uplift other women just like she did! I’ll be speaking throughout the year at various conferences and teaching classes about building your business so be sure to check back for updates and follow me on social media @KimbleHairCare for the latest info.

xoxo, Kim


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