Let’s Make 2015 Fabulous!

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Can you believe that it’s 2015 already?! I know I can’t. Honey, where does the time go? I was blessed in 2014 to be so busy doing what I love that the time just flew by, but now that it’s the new year, it’s time for resolutions and at the top of the list is writing more on this blog! I want to talk hair, fashion, beauty, health, and anything else I can think of with my fabulous followers. My other big resolution is to take care of myself a little more. When you’re busy, you sometimes fall into the routine of eating whatever’s easiest (junk food, fast food), and not making time for exercise. But that leaves you feeling rundown and tired, so no more! I’m making a commitment to myself to make the effort to eat more healthy, organic, raw food, and taking the time to do a little exercise each day even if it’s only a few minutes of stretching. What are your resolutions? Let’s make 2015 a great year!

xoxo, Kim


14 thoughts on “Let’s Make 2015 Fabulous!

  1. Joanne says:

    Happy New Year Kim!
    Where have you been? I miss you and your show how’s devonte,he’s a mess!
    But anyway I plan to continue my regimen by continuing. Eating healthy and exercising 30 minutes a day sometimes I just go for a walk…anything to get you moving.
    Take care Lovely!

    • Kimberly Kimble says:

      LOL can’t make an official announcement yet about when the show returns, but think warm weather 😉 Keep up that healthy regimen!

  2. Shrita Boler says:

    Yesss Kim!!! I do agree! I to am a hairstylist and my schedule is so busy, it’s not easy to eat! I eat once or twice a day and it is just a quick option! I have started a group chat on FB called “Girls Gone Healthy” and it is to motivate each other to make healthier choices. I have started drinking protein shakes and pre made meals for the week!! We’ve got to do better in 2015, cause let’s face it….if were not healthy, we CAN NOT do hair!!!

  3. Lisa says:

    Kim your radiance is in abundance in 2015! Can you make this year a resolution for affordable wigs for the masses? I live in Seattle and this is not a city for big hair that cares. Love your show!

  4. ariessays says:

    Kim! I’m proud of you making the decision to take time for yourself. I started last year and lost 25 lbs so far. Its a slow process but I feel so much better than before. My energy is back and I don’t feel like I’m carrying someone else with me all the time. I only planned to continue what I started with more conviction. Wishing you continued success in 2015. Looking forward to more postings. 😉

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