Hair Tips for Fall

Big, bouncy 70’s hair is a great look for fall.  To achieve, apply a thickening or volumizing product to wet hair.  Blow dry with a round brush, creating volume at the crown.  Use a large barreled curling iron to create curls.  Finger comb through finished curls and set the look with a hairspray, such as Kimble Hair Care Systems Retrospective Workable Hair Spray.

Wavy hair is a great sexy look, and there are two easy ways to achieve it.  If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, wash your hair and let it dry naturally.  Once the hair has dried, use a double barreled curling iron to go over your natural curls.  If you need a little help getting curls, wash your hair, apply a little leave-in conditioner (such as Kimble Hair Care Systems Leave-In Conditioning Styling Serum) and then wet set it.  Once it has air dried, remove the rollers, and you will have beautiful waves.

Growing up in a family of hairstylists, I learned early to create my own homemade treatments and potions.  Here is a recipe for a great volumizing mask:  wet hair and then apply a mixture of egg whites, mashed bananas and yogurt plus a little honey.  You will want to create steam (by running hot water in the shower) or use a heating cap so that the product melts down a little and coats the hair instead of just sitting there (it will be thick).  Leave the mask on for about 30 minutes and then wash out.


13 thoughts on “Hair Tips for Fall

  1. minista says:

    I wear my hair in a textured 70’s afro… I love the tips in keeping my big hair “pumped”… just gotta stay out the sun when I do this or imma have scrambled eggs…lol. thanks so much Kim.


  2. brian says:

    i am your number one fan, i you are so beauitful to me, i love to meet you in person, i am your big fan, plase kepp in touch with me, i love have autograph of you. love brian , you have a great weeks.

  3. shekkee-yvonne says:

    Lawd! I love you…your are awesome please write a hair tip book….this blog really helps me cause I’m a hairstylist in chicago and the clientele base we have at my salon those women love body and bounce…I’m going to purchase your products for trail run I’m sure it won let me down…
    Peace and love, shekkee-yvonne

  4. Kimberly Gore says:

    ok ill try it.. after i take these extensions out. Ill be doing the big chop at the end of this month im so tired of these relaxers i want to get to know my natural curls. I cant wait to try it on my hair .Thanks!!

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