Kim’s advice for your best cut! Plus a cool summer look:

When deciding on a new cut, keep this advice in mind:

For an oval face shape, a cut with rounded layers or a graduated wedge cut is best because it balances out the length of that facial shape.

For a round face, a cut with long, straight layers is most flattering because it slims the face.

For a heart shaped face, I recommend a cut that’s all one length and full at the bottom, because when it’s thicker and weighted at the bottom, the cut will balance out the pointy chin of a heart-shaped face.

For a square face, it’s most important to ensure that the cut is soft – soft layers, lots of textures, and a medium length is probably best.  This softens up and balances this strong face shape.

Summer is officially in full-swing. Here’s a great look to keep you cool:

The Side Braid.    Start with your hair how it is naturally (if it’s wavy, leave it wavy, etc.).  Brush your hair out and comb it to one side.  Leave a few wisps out in the front, and then loosely braid the remaining hair  and secure with a hair band.  Pull the braid apart a little so that it isn’t too tight.


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