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Calming Review: Kim Kimble Hair Care Systems

Posted by Calming Corners on 4/27/10 • Categorized as Beauty

There’s nothing like a good workout, not only does it make you feel great but with a good sweat there is nothing like flushing out the unnecessary impurities. Coming home from the gym to unwind the only not so hot part about my great workout is my hair. When I  flatiron my hair and exercise my roots rise like yeast. The yeast roots are workable, but my biggest problem lately are my sides and the top of my head. Between the sweat and waves kicking in, the hair looks a bit unruly when the rest of my hair is flat ironed.  I tried a number of pomades, but realized that it just made my hair dry and frizzy. Even with a satin bandana.

Kimble Hair Care

So what’s a girl to do?  I tried Kimble Hair Wax Stick by Kim Kimble Hair Care System. The genius behind this product is Celebrity Hairstylist Kim Kimble who has worked with clients such as Shakira, Mary J. Blige, Kerry Washington and Vanessa Williams.  She created a full line of hair care products that you can purchase at none other than… Target.

I was a bit nervous at first due to the fact that this would be going on the top and sides of my head, so I tried it on a Saturday knowing I would be coming straight home after the gym.

My plan for hairline perfection.


I put my hair in a bun, dabbed a light drop of water on my sides applied the stick, brushed it down and put on my bandana.


After my workout, my sides were in place, a bit too flat but it didn’t leave a sticky feeling or flaky residue. After taking my hair out of the bun, I could put it in a ponytail, and it looked great.

Final Words

I really do recommend this product and I will use it again when I wear it both curly or straight.

I am interested to try other hair products in the Kim Kimble Hair Care Systems Line.

Have you tried Kim Kimble Hair Care Systems?




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