Damone Robert’s Eyebrow Gel

He is back at it again, the King of Eyebrow’s himself Damone Robert’s has an amazing eyebrow gel that literally turns uncontrollable bushes into tamed crops.

If you are like me, even after getting brows shaped, my eyebrows still tend to get a little messy from time to time, and unlike the countless other eyebrow gels out there, Damone’s doesn’t have a strong odor, it is extremely easy to apply and keeps every brow hair flawlessly in place. A common complaint about eyebrow gels is that they have an overwhelming strong chemical smell, they are thick and gooey in consistency and you can feel the coating on top of your eyebrows. Damon is perfected his gel and it leaves no “crusty” feeling after application, and for those of us who color our eyebrows it helps to lock in your color as well. On top of the product itself, the packaging is adorable (Brow Gain).

Retailing for about $20.oo , this is definitely something you need to have in your makeup bag.

Visit-http://www.damoneroberts.com to purchase this product online


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