Sharnee, my operations manager is absolutely AMAZING! After recently cutting off her sister locks (she wore them for 15 years) between managing the salon and managing her family she rarely has time to focus on herself as do most working women nowadays. So Terry, one of my wonderful stylists, decided to give her a makeover!!!!

Here is her before:

And after a few hours, Kimble Hair Care products and a lot of TLC this is the final result!!!


Her overall look was achieved using the following products!

Formulated with frefreshing peppermint to sooth the scalp, Peppermint Cream Shampoo is a gentle yet effective cleansing shampoo. This rich creamy formula is ideal for daily use as it does not strip hair of its natural moisture. Hair is left feeling soft and fully of body!

A creamy, moisture-rich formula, Ginger Cream conditioner may be used both as a daily conditioner and deep conditioning treatment. Emollient properties of avocado hydrate the hair without weighing it down while extracts of ginger stimulate the scalp. Dry, brittle, and damaged hair is left feeling smooth and silky. Ginger Cream is ideal for textured and chemically-treated hair.

A medium strength styling spray, Shape and Hold Spritz allows for flexible styling. Added plant extracts provide protective and conditioning benefits. Shape and Hold Spritz finishes with a light shine leaving hair free from any dulling residue. Shape and define, or lift and control as desired.

Instantly add luminous luster and shine with Shine Spray. Misted onto hair, this hassle-free spray boosts moisture and intensifies radiance. Blend of shine-inducing essential oils coats the hair to maintain lasting silkiness and smoothness.

Conquer unwanted frizz and stubborn fly-aways with Wax Stick. Great for creating wipsy and spiky looks, this satin-finish styling pomade refines any look and keeps loose strands in place. Formulated with shea butter, Wax Stick also softens rough, dry ends.

All of these products can be purchased at Target or

Happy Styling!!!



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